EPIK International, Inc. was established in 2012 as a U.S. Small Business corporation, and has achieved an impressive of significant and sustained growth record. Today, Epik’s Executive Management works collaboratively to grow and improve the business to reach our destined vision.

Experience has taught us that the initial and early phases of every project are critical. In the world of Epik, the commencement of actual construction always follows early and thorough advance planning. This includes establishing clarity regarding the client’s expectations and ensuring those expectations will be met. From a technical standpoint, multi-disciplined design reviews occur early. For project execution, an early and clear understanding the projects critical paths are verified while accurately identifying the resource demands of the project. To this end, Epik team utilizes modern and state-of-the-art construction execution and management techniques.

The collective efforts of these early measures often identify value engineering benefits which can reduce costs and time while producing the optimum results on our construction projects and meeting the requirements of our clients.

As hands-on constructors, we have a thorough comprehension of the design process. Through early integration with our designers, we add value to the front end of projects. We have our own in-house design capabilities and also work with other prominent domestic and international design firms. On design-build contracts, Epik’s team integrates early with the design subcontractors and consultants under a collaborative approach to effectively develop a fully coordinated design which is produced timely to meet the construction demands. These early efforts continue throughout the development stages of the design and contribute toward the elimination and mitigation of design errors early in the process which yields significant construction efficiency later.

Epik is diverse and specialized in many ways, including project type, size, client and venue. Our success is attributable to our longstanding and developing partnerships with prominent contractors and designers. With the continuing aim of being a prominent player in the international construction market, we utilize these strategic partnerships, focusing on the specific requirements of client needs in different locations..

Today, we continue to diligently serve the United States Government by working in challenging locations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and China.

We achieve successful project execution through a variety of processes which begin with the systematic rollover of the initial bid/estimate to more detailed operating and executing plans with control budgets to ensure timely performance. This process also includes:

  • Identification, reassessment and mitigation of project risks to the client and all stakeholders.
  • Detailed scheduling analyses which verify prior bid assumptions.
  • Creating productivity measurement metrics to ensure timely performance
  • Scrutinizing budgets and developing effective project cost controls
  • Development of project specific measurement tools to ensure performance targets are met with the ability to detect potential problems early such that mitigating measures can be implemented timely.
  • Early identification of critical procurements for design and scheduling considerations.

Our clients routinely benefit from our inherent attributes. At Epik, we proudly offer:

  • Understanding the essence of time and maintaining a sense of urgency and philosophy that “nothing is ever fast enough”.
  • Performance driven, while promoting quality over productivity.
  • Empowering personnel at all levels to ensure an environment where health, safety, and environmental concerns are never compromised.
  • Early detection of potential issues, with early proactive solutions.
  • The demand of continuous improvement through collaboration and teamwork at every level.
  • Understanding of vital roles of solid project controls and measurement metrics, allowing early detection of problems to facilitate timely remedies.
  • Promoting continuous technical competency improvements for all disciplines.
  • Controlling our growth, while maintaining our “lean and mean” philosophies, making us more cost effective than our competitors.

With knowledge, expertise and faith, Epik International, together with our management and project execution teams, is resolute in striving to be a world contracting brand.