Turkish Embassy Compound, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Turkish Embassy Compound, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Turkish Embassy Chancellery, Official Residence and Residential Building Construction Work in Dhaka, Bangladesh was put out to tender by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in April, 2016. Our firm got awarded the project in June 2016 as the lowest bidder.

Project location is Diplomatic Enclave in Dhaka where generally embassy compounds are located. To the left and right of our plot, there is South Korea Embassy and Saudi Arabia Embassy - which is also under construction now. Across the street there is Canada Embassy and USA Embassy.

Project scope includes construction of reinforced concrete buildings (connected structures), landscape works, infrastructure works, construction of perimeter wall with 250 m length and 4 m height, vehicle roads and pedestrian walkways.

Due to the conditions of the original ground, buildings and perimeter wall will be constructed on piled spread footing. More than 700 piles will be executed with depths ranging from 13 meters to 20 meters and diameter ranging from 600 mm to 800mm.

Overall construction footprint is around 4.000 m2, of which building footprint is 2400 m2 of 4000 m2. Total building construction area (basement and 3-storey) is 7100 m2. Chancellery, official residence and residential building are designed as compound structures. Maximum height of the compound building system is 16,5 meters.

Exterior finishing of the buildings consists of mechanically suspended solid bricks, cement mortared facing bricks and marble facing. Some of the interior walls are designed as movable partition wall and glass partition wall. Floor finishing consists of hardwood, ceramic, marble and mosaic. Interior wall finishing consists of satin and normal paintings, wall ceramic and wall finishing with perforated steel sheet. Openings are designed as aluminum windows and wood doors. Landscaping works are mainly marble floor finishes, grass area, floor finishes with pressed brick, 3 decorative pools of a total area of 115 m2. Terrace roofing was chosen for the project with total area of 2100 m2.


Epik Construction Company


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Turkey

Contract Amount

$ 18,950,000


27 Months

Completion Date

December 2019