500 Man Camp Facilities Quarter, Kabul, Afghanistan

The project comprised of 5,700 m2 of pre-fabricated steel modular buildings of residential units, ablutions, laundries, offices, classrooms, and 940 m2 of pre-engineered prefabricated steel kitchen-dining facility and gymnasium, and various stores, vehicle maintenance unit, kennels, bunkers, guard towers, reinforced concrete perimeter wall and access control facilities.

The additional works included upgrading of alternative access roads passing through sub-urban districts and around the site, design and construction of a precast-concrete bridge suitable for military vehicles, reinforced-concrete street paving, street lighting, landscaping, and internet facilities.

Manufacturing, transportation and installation of the prefabricated buildings were the most critical activities for the timely completion of the work. Close supervision of the manufacturer, timely decisions to utilize air transportation for urgent shipments, and extended work hours for installation teams made it possible to complete the work on time.

FEM JV has also been awarded the maintenance and operation of the camp, commenced on November 2005 for 1 year and extended for another 4 months.

Other Completed Projects by Subsidiaries