At Epik, superior quality starts with our people at every level. And, providing first class quality to our clients is foremost and second to none. Experience tells us that early planning and a cultural mindset which demands “do it right the first time” promotes superior quality, minimizes the need for reworks and thus ensures timely performance with a satisfied client. At Epik, we strive to exceed the requirements of the contracts where possible. This philosophy promotes continuous quality improvements whereby the company is never satisfied with contractual requirements alone. We find that our philosophy is often motivating for our staff because as individuals, they too are challenged to excel beyond the norm.

Our QC management system is an integral part of our more global company objectives. We understand the need to integrate Safety, Quality and Timely Project Execution which collectively reflects our overall priorities. Within Epik, these independent attributes are integrated and positively influence each another.

Under our QC plan, Epik ensures that its program is contractually compliant with the necessary inspection and testing procedures. Although all contracts do not require it, the United States Government (Corps of Engineers) “three phase control process” is an effective means to ensure quality.

Through a continuous process, our goal is to produce an end product that meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract and complete the job in a safe and timely manner.