Air Corps Cantonment & Facilities, Kabul, Afghanistan

Under the Contract, FEM JV was responsible for the complete design and construction of 4 each 250 person Barracks buildings, 1 ea Vehicle maintenance building and a motor pool area, 2 Guard Shacks at various locations and renovation of two existing buildings named as Aircraft Maintenance Building and Rotary Wing Building to serve for ANA (Afghan National Army).

SOW also consisted of construction of supporting utility structures and services such as power distribution system (generators, transformers, MV Switchgear units, ATS panel boards), waste water system, storm water discharge system, fire water system, potable water system, 2 water tanks, 2 pump rooms, and 2 water wells.

Barrack units were approximately 1050m2 each two-story pre-engineered structures which are in total designed to accommodate 1056 people.

The five bay vehicle maintenance building was 330m2. The entire motor pool area of approximately 10.000m2 was paved with crushed stone and the perimeter were secured with chain link fence, 2 guard shacks and 2 motor gates.

Other Completed Projects by Subsidiaries