Camp Sullivan Phase III Expansion, Kabul, Afghanistan

The main structure we constructed in this project was a Vehicle Maintenance Facility that was built as a pre-engineered insulated tent structure including containerized storage and office structures. In this facility we also installed split-system heat pumps, water and sanitary sewer connections, trench drains, oil/sand separator, water heater, grounding, lighting, and TSS connections, a power distribution panel, emergency lighting, voice, data and TV outlets, fire detection and fire alarm systems.  In addition to the VMF; a new guard booth, a new Dog Kennel Operation and Support Facility and a new Water Treatment Building were also constructed in this project.

Another important component that was completed within this project was a new package wastewater treatment system complete with a sanitary pump station, force main and irrigation conveyance pipe through the site. Also a new water well was dug, two underground and one above ground water tanks were put in place, together with associated water pumps and connection lines both for domestic usage and fire protection purposes. Other works within the scope included grading and drainage, all utility infrastructure systems and related equipment, perimeter wall,  fencing, lighting, roads, sidewalks and relocation/demolition of existing structures. The Security Classification Guide and security procedures were urged to be strictly fulfilled during this project, with regard to the conditions in the country. The project was performed in phases and the existing camp facilities remained functional throughout the construction period.

Other Completed Projects by Subsidiaries