Forward Operation Base and Facilities, Constanta, Romania

As the first project of Framaco-Epik-Metis Joint Venture to be implemented in a European Union Member Country provided a fully functional US Army Forward Operating Base to serve 2000 Army Personnel in Romania. The FOS Project included major project features such as:

  • 17,000 Sqm Of Closed Area -Comprising RC & Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings- To Utilize A Self Sufficient Base Camp
  • Complete Utility Construction Works On 650,000 Sqm Of Site Area
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction
  • Two 6,000 BBL Jet Fuel Tanks And All Corresponding Fuel Lines Construction
  • 46,000 Sqm Hot Mix Asphalt Road Construction
  • 88,000 Sqm Gravel Surfaced Pads And Roads Construction
  • Complete Landscaping Works on 650,000 sqm of Site Area.
  • Access Control Facilities Construction and Installation of Vehicle Barrier Systems
  • 320m Highway Sound Barrier Wall Construction
Other Completed Projects by Subsidiaries